How does virtual Art Therapy Workshop work?


Speaker 1:  Hi there, my name is Ashtyn and I’m one of the workshop facilitators here at full circle. In this video, I want to show you how a virtual art therapy workshop looks and how it works.

Speaker 2:  Hi, my name is Pearl and I’m an art therapist here at full circle. In this video, I’ll be playing as a participant to show you what you’ll be experiencing in our therapy virtual workshop. On the day of the workshop, try to find a quiet and private space for yourself and login a few minutes before it starts. When it’s time to start, the facilitator will lead you into the Workshop, please make sure you’re muted to reduce background noise.

Speaker 1: Our workshops usually start with a brief introduction of the workshop topic and flow. Today we’ll be focusing on stress relief, then we’ll begin with a meditation or mindfulness activity. So to get in an uncomfortable position in your chair, I find this to be very helpful to bring them in from their busy day and settle into the next hour of taking care of themselves. We will then work on an art therapy exercise that centers on the topic of our workshop. So now we’re going to be exploring what our stress looks like through art. I’ll usually have a camera over me to show them a visual example of the art exercise. For a one hour workshop. I like to end with a journaling exercise, which gives them a good outlet to reflect on their process for the 1.5 hour workshop. This is time for a group discussion where participants can share their artwork if they wish. It’s not mandatory to share. However, this is a good way for participants to connect and learn from each other through this experience. Then to close off the workshop, I invite participants to do a checkout in order to help them ground in their present feeling before moving to the next part of their day. 

Speaker 2: Thanks for watching. I hope that gave you an idea of what our virtual workshops look like. And if you have any questions or want to book a workshop with us, just send us an email at info at full circle And we’ll be in touch bye

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