RP (Qualifying), DTATI

Ashley Kwan

Being human is not about being any one particular way; it is about being as life creates you—with your own particular strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, quirks and oddities.
Ashley Kwan

Therapist Profile

My passion is to engage with clients who are struggling with mental health issues in a meaningful and non-judgmental way.  Art therapy is a great way to open up the conversation to such mental health issues because art can be honest and personal. In my practice, it is also used as a tool for stress reduction. My approach has always been person-centered, having worked with individuals who experience the following issues:




Grief and loss


Adjustment difficulties

I seek to help my client find meaning, purpose, and ultimately their true inner voice through the creative process. By cultivating and nurturing this inner voice, my goal is to see my client grow in maturity and find flourishing in all areas of life. I use a variety of art mediums and teach different art techniques, but mainly what is accessible for my client. In a session, I may also incorporate mindfulness, narrative therapy, and CBT.

Life is hard. We can spend so much energy protecting that inner voice that its story never gets told. Let’s get acquainted as I guide you through your first art therapy session.

*Accepts all insurance plans that cover psychotherapy

Office Notes

Fee: $120 (no HST), sliding scale from $75 available

Available: Inperson on Fridays, Online sessions from Tuesdays to Saturdays

Email: akctherapy@gmail.com

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