Phuong Nguyen

My personal professional goals is to utilize art therapy as a foundation for community building.
Phuong Nguyen

Therapist Profile

I (she/her) am a Certified Art Therapist and practicing artist primarily working in Toronto Canada.  I hold a BFA from OCAD University in Toronto and completed my training in Art Therapy at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute.

Accessibility to resources for mental wellness is important to me.  Working with individuals who are disenfranchised and who many not be able to afford mental health treatment was a pivotal part of my training, and has made me realize that working in communities where resources may be hard to find is an important part of my practice.

I am a person of diaspora.  My Vietnamese-Canadian heritage informs my personal goals in contributing to Toronto’s diverse communities and as a person of colour I am especially invested in helping people of colour, immigrants, children of immigrants, and refugees.

My personal professional goals is to utilize art therapy as a foundation for community building.  From my own experience working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, the connection between loneliness, poverty, and mental health often go hand in hand. Individuals who are disenfranchised and whose voices are rarely heard in the tiers of our society need the healthy support of a community.  I believe in the power of making art in a group setting: on its own creating art is a way to communicate with others and making art with others can connect a community.

I work with adults and older adults (65+) in both individual and group settings.  Areas of focus include:

• Self-Care
• Community Care
• Community Building
• Women’s Support
• Burnout
• Creative Blocks
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Experiences with Racism/Discrimination for People of Colour
• Substance Use Disorder/Addictions

*Accepts all insurance plans that cover psychotherapy

Office Notes

Fee: $120 (includes tax)

Availability: In person on Mondays, online Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Email: arttherapywithphuong@prontonmail.com

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