Taylor Bourassa

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment." Henry David Thoreau.
Taylor Bourassa

Therapist Profile

My name is Taylor Bourassa (she/her) and my private practice – Wellness Grove Therapy, was created with a vision of integrating art, nature and typical talk therapies as a way to provide you with a more holistic approach. There are moments in life when words fall short of what we are feeling, or are unable to reach the depths of our understanding and expression. I find it is helpful in these moments, to call on the expressive arts and nature to access the nuance in feeling and expression. Through art-creation and exploring your experiencing through a nature-based lens, you may come to deeper insights that you can hold and reflect on.

I believe in the inherent strength and individuality in each person, and I believe that therapy should be a space all your own where you can find or re-discover, strengthen, and honour your voice. This is why I work from a person-centered and humanistic framework. Inside of this framework I introduce different modalities that may help you get at the core of why you are coming to therapy. These include: existentialist, psychodynamic, mindfulness and self-compassion based and depth/analytical. Ultimately, I listen to the natural flow of therapy and your needs in the moment, inviting a collaborative relationship to ensure you are on the most helpful path.

I work with children, youth & adults, who are experiencing depression, anxiety, self-esteem or body image issues; and those who are seeking a deeper understanding of life’s big questions and their own spirituality. Shadow-work, dream-work, symbolism and meaning all have the potential to show up and become a significant part of this process.

I also offer group art therapy and workshops, which can explore: self-image and self-esteem; self-affirmation; stress reduction and management and dream-work.

*Accepts all insurance plans that cover psychotherapy

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Fee: 140 $ + HST
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Available: Virtually, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Email: Tbourassa@wellnessgrovetherapy.com

Phone number: 613 246 6519

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